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There are many ways and forms by which domestic violence can take place. Threats and assaults can be made using a variety of weapons, ranging from taunting words to deadly weapons such as guns. One method of domestic violence, however, has been isolated through a relatively new Texas law and given its own penalties. Choking or attempting to choke a person is automatically classified as a felony. A conviction for choking or attempting to choke one's spouse or domestic partner can result in a jail or prison sentence of two to 10 years, and a $10,000 fine.

There is, of course, a large difference between fatal or near-fatal strangulation and simply putting hands around the neck of a domestic partner in the heat of an argument. At either end of the spectrum of violence, choking or attempting to choke a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend will be classified as a third-degree or second-degree felony. Other relationship connections may also qualify as domestic relations such as parent-child or roommates.

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