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Defending against domestic violence charges

People are arrested for domestic violence in Texas every day. Unfortunately, for the individual who is arrested this can have life-changing consequences. Even if the charges are untrue, the arrest alone can have a ruinous effect on a person's reputation and standing in the community.

Police responding to a domestic violence call are sometimes motivated to arrest someone quickly in an effort to separate the alleged victim and attacker. The arrest is often followed by a restraining order, which can effectively keep the individual out of their home and away from their children until the order is lifted. And, if the individual is convicted, they face the possibility of jail time and a criminal record that will follow them for the rest of their life.

Arguments between loved ones sometimes lead to bad behavior and even unintentional injuries. But this alone does not necessarily constitute the crime of domestic violence. Defenses to domestic violence charges are available. Sometimes the alleged victim is the one who initiated the physical violence, and sometimes the alleged attacker can claim self-defense.

Sometimes an accusation of domestic violence is just plain false. False charges may be made out of jealousy or anger, or in an attempt to secure an advantage in a divorce or custody fight. Whatever the situation, it is critical for the accused individual to have a chance to tell their side of the story in court.

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