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Probation violations can have serious consequences in Texas

Many people who have been through Texas' criminal justice system have been placed on probation. Probation means all or part of your jail sentence has been deferred, but you must meet regularly with a probation officer and remain law-abiding during the term of the probation.

If you fail to meet the terms of your probation you can be arrested for a probation violation and brought before the court again. A probation violation can be anything from failing a drug test to committing another crime while on probation.

Violating the terms of your probation can have serious consequences. In some cases it can mean you will be required to serve the maximum sentence that could have been imposed for the original charge. For example, if you are on probation for robbery and are arrested for shoplifting, you could receive the maximum sentence for the original robbery charge.

It is vitally important to address any alleged probation violation immediately. In many cases, it is possible to do so by performing the obligation you allegedly failed to perform, such as taking a class ordered by the judge, paying a fine or doing community service as ordered. If you take care of the obligation promptly, you may be able to avoid being sentenced on the original charge.

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