Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

You may have defenses to your pending theft charges

Harris County residents facing criminal charges likely understand how serious their legal dilemmas can be. A criminal conviction can result in a person being subjected to long-term penalties that may have repercussions for the rest of his life. Theft charges and other crimes related to the taking of another person's property can be penalized in Texas with jail time and other significant punishments.

However, not every allegation of theft or stealing is warranted. In some cases, individuals erroneously report crimes based on the taking of property when, in fact, no crime was actually committed. Additionally, in some situations a prosecutor's case of alleged theft may not fully meet all of the required elements of the charge under the state's law. When a prosecutor fails to make his case or when a party has a defense to a theft-based crime, the individual facing the charge or charges may be exonerated by the criminal court.

That is why it is important for individuals who are confronted with difficult criminal charges to understand their rights and potential defenses. A well-planned criminal defense strategy may be what an individual needs to overcome his legal hardships and return his life back to its intended track. At the Law Offices of Jed Silverman, we help our clients undertake just such preparations.

From analyzing the factual elements of a prosecutor's charges to assessing defense-based assertions to utilize during a trial, attorney Silverman and his team of support professionals can help their clients prepare for what can be difficult criminal hearings. Though there is no way to ensure a positive outcome during a criminal trial, individuals who prepare criminal defense strategies can have confidence that their voices will be present in the consideration of their theft and property crime matters.