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Spring Break No Refusal DWI Arrests Up From 2015

In Texas, holiday weekends have been renamed “No Refusal Weekends.” Created through the cooperative efforts of police, judges, and prosecutors, Texas drivers pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated may have blood forcibly taken from them for testing. All an officer has to do is apply for a warrant from the night judge while the suspect sits in jail.

According to a press release, no refusal DWI arrests in Galveston County have risen dramatically over previous years thanks to an increased law enforcement presence focused on preventing drunk driving throughout the County. In 2016, officers made 44 DWI arrests during the hours of No Refusal operations over both weekends of Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day. Defendants consented to providing breath samples in nine cases, and police obtained warrants or obtained consent to test blood samples in the remaining 35 cases.

For comparison, last year there were 14 No Refusal blood evidence warrants issued over both weekends of Spring Break. There were 11 warrants issued during the first weekend of Spring Break in both 2013 and 2014.

The blood samples collected during this year’s operations will be sent to the Texas Department of Safety’s Crime Lab and will be used as evidence in prosecuting these cases.

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