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Prostitution Archives

Former Commissioner Charged With Soliciting Prostitution

Archie Wilson, a former county commissioner from Kentucky, has been charged with solicitation of prostitution and trafficking a controlled substance.  The county attorney said an investigation began after a woman told police she had several sexual encounters with Wilson in exchange for money and drugs.  The woman came forward after learning that Wilson was a commissioner and wilson resigned soon after from his position.  To read more on this story please go to

Former Football Player Found Not Guilty

Former NFL football player, Greg Lafleur, was found not guilty after a trial on his charge of solicitation of prostitution.  It took the jury only half an hour to find Lafleur not guilty of the charge.  Southern University fired him from his position as athletic director just a few days after his arrest.  Lafleur is now suing the university for breach of contract.  To read more on this story please go to

Former Athletic Director Found Not Guilty

Gregory Lafleur was in downtown Houston back in April of last year attending the Final Four.  At the time, Lafleur was the athletic director at Southern University and was trying to scout a new basketball coach.  The Houston Police happened to be conducting an undercover prostitution sting at the same time.  Lafleur was arrested and accused of soliciting a prostitute, who was actually an undercover officer.  Earlier this week it took a Harris County jury a little more than half an hour to find Lafleur not guilty of the charge.

Former NFL Player Found Not Guilty

Gregory Lafleur was arrested on April 3rd of last year after he allegedly solicited a prostitute in downtown Houston.  His attorney Jed Silverman said an undercover female officer approached Lafleur and began talking to him about things of a sexual nature.  He was later arrested a short time after the brief interaction by uniformed officers.  Lafleur was then fired a few days later from his job as athletic director at Southern University.  To read more on this story please go to

Two Arrested On Prostitution Charges

Qiao Han and Bao Zhang have both been charged with promoting prostitution and Zhang was additionally charged with promoting prostitution.  Police began to investigate the pair following a call from the owner of a motel where the pair was staying.  The owner said that several men had stopped by to visit Han's room over a period of several days.  An officer then posed as a customer and the two suspects were charged after an agreement for sex was allegedly made.  To read more on this story please go to

12 Arrested In Prostitution Sting

12 men were arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution in a reverse prostitution sting, where the customers are the target of the sting.  Female police officers in plain clothes were stationed along the road, waiting to be solicited by potential clients.  This is the third time a reverse sting has been used in the area.  The previous 2 stings had a total of 17 arrests made.  To read more on this story please go to,0,2405279.story

29 Arrested In Prostitution Sting

29 men were arrested for soliciting prostitutes over the course of eight days.  The operation was set up to catch the men trying to solicit the prostitutes, instead of going after the prostitutes trying to solicit customers.  Undercover female officers posed as prostitutes in various areas known for prostitution activity.  The chief of police said he wanted to go after the clients that were driving the business and not just the prostitutes.  To read more on this story please go to

Officer Dismissed After Soliciting Prostitute

Pender County Sheriff's Captain Charles Sloan has been dismissed from the department after being charged with soliciting a prostitute.  Sloan was charged with soliciting a prostitute and crimes against nature when officer's arrested him late Tuesday night.  Sloan had a male passenger in his car when he was arrested by police.  To read more on this story please go to

Former Cop Arrested For Solicitation Of Prostitution

Larry Curtis, a retired Fort Worth Police Deputy Chief, has been arrested for solicitation of prostitution.  According to police, an undercover sting operation was being conducted in an area known for prostitution.  Curtis allegedly parked his car by an undercover officer posing as a prostitute, then offered her money in exchange for sex.  Curtis was then arrested by uniformed officer's and taken into custody.  To read more on this story please go to

Sex Offender Caught Soliciting A Prostitute

William Taylor, a convicted sex offender, was arrested when he went to a hotel to hire a prostitute.  Many of Taylor's neighbors said they had no idea that Taylor was also a sex offender.  According to police, Taylor traveled to Johnson City with a 12-year-old child, in hopes of having the prostitute engage in sexual activity with both himself and the child.  Taylor is now facing several charges including soliciting a prostitute and solicitation of a minor.  Taylor was already on probation for a previous arrest, so he will also be facing allegations that he violated his probation.  To read more on this story please go to