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Sex Crimes Archives

Aggressive defense for prostitution and solicitation charges

Prostitution is sometimes referred to as "the oldest profession." Whether that's true or not, it's certainly been around in Texas for a long time. Today a conviction on prostitution or solicitation of prostitution charges can result in serious penalties, including fines and jail time. The damage to a person's reputation can be immense, especially if the defendant is a prominent member of the community.

What acts will lead to a prostitution sex crime charge in Texas?

When a person in Houston is accused of being involved in prostitution, it's not simply the criminal aspect of the act that can cause problems, but the accompanying perceptions that come along with it. This is why it's imperative to plan an aggressive defense when confronted with a sex charge. However, many are unaware of how the law in the state views prostitution charges. Knowing the law is the first step to defending oneself against a sex crime charge.

Protecting the rights of Texans facing sex crime charges

Being accused of a sex crime is a terrible experience to go through. Even if the accused is innocent, the charge alone carries such a stigma that it is difficult to face friends, family and co-workers. Those falsely accused of a sex crime in Houston need an aggressive defense not only to get the charges dismissed, but also to clear their good names in the community.

Four jailed in Harris County prostitution sting

Charges of engaging in or promoting prostitution can carry serious consequences if the accused individual is convicted. In addition to jail time and fines, the defendant will have a criminal record and often, a damaged reputation.

Defending against statutory rape charges in Texas

A sex crime charge in Texas is a very serious matter. If convicted, the accused can face a lengthy prison sentence and ostracism by the community. In addition, the accused may be required to register as a sex offender, which can make it all but impossible to find a job or a place to live. For these reasons, charges of alleged sex crimes require an aggressive defense.

Five arrested in Harris County prostitution sting

Every so often local law enforcement officials decide that they need to clean up a particular neighborhood, by cracking down on activity that residents believe attracts the wrong kind of people. This may have been the motivation behind a recent prostitution sting operation in northwest Harris County that resulted in the arrests of five men. The men, who range in age from 33 to 49, have each been charged with one count of prostitution.

Harris County deputy faces sex crime charge

Charges of alleged sex crimes can have a devastating impact on a person's reputation. When the accused is a law enforcement officer, sex crime charges can bring a promising career to a swift end. That is the possibility now being faced by a Harris County Deputy Constable who has been charged with prostitution.

Harris County sting operation leads to prostitution arrest

A prostitution conviction can cause devastating damage to a person's reputation. Those who face a prostitution charge need to fight it with the most aggressive defense they can put forward. A 28-year-old woman in the Houston area is in this situation now.