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Harris County deputy faces sex crime charge

Charges of alleged sex crimes can have a devastating impact on a person's reputation. When the accused is a law enforcement officer, sex crime charges can bring a promising career to a swift end. That is the possibility now being faced by a Harris County Deputy Constable who has been charged with prostitution.

Harris County sting operation leads to prostitution arrest

A prostitution conviction can cause devastating damage to a person's reputation. Those who face a prostitution charge need to fight it with the most aggressive defense they can put forward. A 28-year-old woman in the Houston area is in this situation now.

Former Harris County deputy faces sex crime charge

Society views the sexual abuse of a child as one of the most heinous of crimes, and rightly so. But the more awful the alleged crime, the greater the injustice for an innocent person who is wrongly accused. Accusations of child sex abuse can destroy a person's reputation and result in a prison sentence and a listing on a public registry of sex offenders.

Thirteen arrested for alleged sex crimes in Houston

Authorities from several state and federal agencies, working jointly as the Houston Human Trafficking Task Force, have arrested thirteen people on charges of operating an international prostitution organization. The accused, six men and seven women, include citizens of the United States and of Mexico. The charges include conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and money laundering. It will take an aggressive defense to fight these charges.

Harris County teacher faces sex crime charge

When a person is arrested for alleged sex crimes, they can feel as if their life has been thrown into a tailspin. If convicted, they face a potenially long prison sentence, plus the lifelong humiliation of being listed on a sex offender registry, which effectively makes them outcasts in their communities. These are the potential consequences a Houston-area teacher now faces.

Sex offender with Houston connection now on most wanted list

When a man is accused of being a sex offender and is wanted for subsequent crimes, he needs a strong defense. However, when those alleged crimes warrant him being placed on the Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitive list, that man requires an immediate and aggressive defense.

Houston school security guard accused of fondling female student

When accusations of any alleged sex crimes are made, the defendant requires a serious defense. When those crimes include a charge of alleged indecency by contact with a female student at a school, the defendant requires an especially aggressive defense.

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