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The serious nature of felony charges


There are many different types of felony criminal charges. What they all share in common is the serious nature of the potential penalties and consequences associated with felony charges. In general, felony convictions carry a prison sentence of a year or greater. In Texas, the potential penalties for a felony conviction can be even more severe under three strikes laws.

In Texas, repeat felony charges and convictions are governed by three strikes laws. A third felony strike is considered a serious or violent felony charge. A third felony conviction can result in a prison sentence ranging from 25 year to life in prison. Felony charges can include felony DWI charges; state and federal drug charges; sex crimes charges; aggravated assault charges; murder and manslaughter charges; felony domestic violence charges; weapons charges; armed robbery charges; fraud charges; and white collar criminal charges.

A strong criminal defense strategy can work with the accused party to determine the appropriate challenges to the charges the accused party is facing based on the facts and circumstances of the case. Protections are in place for individuals accused of a crime and when the rights of accused individuals have been violated, such as violations of police procedure or questionable evidence collection or preservation methods have been utilized, for instance, challenges to the charges the accused party is facing may be possible.

Based on the unique circumstances of each case, a strong criminal defense may be able to reduce or eliminate charges altogether. It is important that individuals accused of a crime are familiar with their rights, and how to pursue those rights when necessary, to ensure their freedom and future are protected.

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