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Our Past Clients Share Their Experience
  • On point, really know their job!
    Sonia helped me tremendously through a DWI case. The team was professional and courteous and quick to respond through every step of the process, which resulted in emotional comfort during a difficult time. I highly recommend this office to anyone needing legal assistance!
    Houston, TX
  • There are no words for my admiration and appreciation to Mr. Silverman and his staff!
    Mr. Silverman helped my 19-year-old son with a case that he was charged with when he was 17 years old. We fought his case with a different attorney for over a year and kept getting the same answer of the prosecutor wanting to give my son 20 years TDC time. I was at a point where I was hopeless and so was my son, but as a mother I could not give up on him. I did some research and came across Jed Silverman’s name as one of the best attorneys and let me tell you he truly is. He was able to get my son a deferred with a six month youth rehabilitation program which is a complete miracle to me! My son is now a father to a new baby boy and has been given a second chance at life by Mr. Silverman. There are no words for my admiration and appreciation to Mr. Silverman and his staff! He truly cares about his clients and I saw that in every way possible I had contact with him about my son's case. If you want someone that will truly, deeply care about you as a human being hire Mr. Silverman.. I will forever be grateful to him.

    - Lydia Reyes

  • After being wrongfully arrested on false accusations, I needed the best lawyer in Houston.
    After being wrongfully arrested on false accusations, I needed the best lawyer in Houston. I had been recommended to Jed by a friend and after having my initial consultation with him I knew my fate was in great hands. His confidence and expertise was what convinced me that he will get my case handled. His walls are FILLED with dismissed case letters and once again reaffirming that I would get the best outcome for my case with Mr. Silverman. During such a hard patch in my life his staff (Sonia) was always nice and welcoming. His professionalism really stood out to me, keeping me updated on my case regularly and making sure I understood what was going on with my case. After only a few months my case is officially DISMISSED and I am one happy customer. Highly recommend Jed Silverman for peace of mind and great legal outcomes!


    - Ricky Delatorre

  • Extremely professional and focused group of individuals.
    Extremely professional and focused group of individuals. I had the pleasure of working with Sonia Garcia who was both extremely professional and easy to communicate with. Not much about a legal process is stress free but the time under their guidance was the most stress-free. They cared about my case, cared about my record, and worked their tails off to get the result we wanted. I appreciate their time, patience, and unwavering focus and dedication to my case.

    - Rodman Almassi

  • Painless
    Handled my case with integrity and patience. Pleased with my outcome. The staff very thorough and attentive to my concerns. No surprises. Overall great experience and satisfied.

    - Client of Jed Silverman

    Pearland, TX
  • Excellent Service
    My DWI case was dismissed after serving a year of PTI (pre-trial intervention) (probation). Jed really helped me join the PTI program (12 months long) even though I was over the max prerequisite blood alcohol content limit mandated by the court. I was able to remain employ and have driving privilege during this period. While it was a stressful period being in the PTI program knowing that the DA has the right to remove you from such a program at any cause, I remained faithful and followed the conditions of the court and at the end my case was dismissed. Avoided the need to go to trial. Lesson learned the hard way - taking Taxi, UBER or LYFT anytime I decide to have a drink with friends in the future. Drive Safe Everyone!

    - Professional

    Humble, TX
  • I decided my best choice was Mr. Silverman.
    After the late night arrest of my Husband, I was in a panic. I went online and looked at reviews and qualifications of attorneys. After reading several reviews I decided my best choice was Mr. Silverman. I called his office expecting an answering service due to the time of day. Mr. Silverman answered and explained in understandable wording what I needed to do.

    It was the best decision I ever made. He kept us abreast of what was happening and reassured us along the way. It took a while for the dismissal, but it came thanks for their hard work.

    If you ever need a knowledgeable, professional hard fighting attorney hire Mr. Silverman and his great staff.

    - Mark Liles

  • Jedi Master
    Jed Silverman seemed to do the impossible with my 2 cases. I was first dealing with a misdemeanor. Which they very confidently told me that they could get dismissed, and they did. While settling that case I was arrested again and this time facing 5 to life. My back was against the wall at this point, and my whole future was on the line. Jed worked diligently on my case and assured me that they could get it dropped to a misdemeanor. I was expecting to have some sort of probation at best and at 1 point we were even offered 3 years probation. It seems that they really care for the outcome of their clients, and it not only reflected in their reviews but also just beamed off of them. Which is what helped me decide to listen to them and turn down the offer for 3 years probation, and keep fighting. This was a hard choice, all I could think was what if the next offer is worst? They had no doubt though whatsoever and made me feel confident in our decision. The next time we went to court, I was blown away to find out THE CASE WAS DISMISSED!! I never expected to have both cases dismissed and no fines or anything. I will be referring anyone and everyone here. THANK YOU, Mr. Sliverman, from my family and me.

    - Bruce Brubaker

    Houston, TX
  • Jed Silverman is truly the "TEXAS SUPER LAWYER"!
    Mr. Silverman is amazing! My husband was facing a state jail felony with the possibility of up to two years in prison and up to a 10k fine. After 40 days in jail we went to our first status conference. Before it was over with the DA, Mr. Silverman and my husband agreed on time served and was released from these charges and with no fine!! Yes that's right, after only 40 day!!! This is amazing, from all the research I have done I have yet to find a case that was resolved with such a great outcome on your very first status conference. My husband, my son, no my self would like to thank you and your staff for you hard work and great results! We highly recommend you to anyone that is having legal issues that wants a good, honest, and affordable Lawyer. Thank you Elizabeth for the great communication you kept with me, and thank you again Mr. Silverman for your hard work and getting my husband back ho e to us!

    - Rebecca Bliss

    Galveston, TX
  • Worth every penny
    Mr. Silverman treated my son with compassion and no judgment. The consultation is free and their fees are reasonable for any working-class family needing legal assistance. Though the fees are low, they provided the utmost professional legal representation to my family. I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing help.

    - Imelda Lopez

    Houston, TX
  • Exceptional!!
    Jed Silverman is by far one of the most strategic and knowledgeable lawyers we have encountered. If you find yourself in a bind, please request his services. Our experience with Jed and his staff was nothing short of exceptional. We were treated with dignity and respect throughout a very difficult time in our lives. Jed and his staff truly get the job done with favorable results! Thank you 'The Law Offices of Jed Silverman', we are truly blessed to have found you, you saved our lives. The Crisp Family.

    - Brendan Crisp

    Conroe, TX
  • Powerhouse of intelligence!
    I can't say enough good things about this firm. Though our case was lengthy (due to court resets), Jed Silverman reassured us it would all work out. In a time where your life and future are in the hands of the judicial system, these guys are the ones to have on your side! They always explained what was ahead, what to expect, best and worse case scenarios, and not once gave us false hope. They give it to you straight but are there to back you up. I love a strong confident attorney and these guys are just that. We knew this case was going to be difficult due to prior legal issues but these guys handled each step of process like pros because that's exactly what they are. They proved our case and fought to be our voice. If you need powerful representation and powerhouse attorneys look no further. Again, Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and patience through it all. Our family is forever grateful!

    - Carrillo

    Houston, TX
  • A Military Man Needed Help and Jed with to War and Won the Battle
    Very afraid and new to this side of the law. I did my research but I was still uncertain. I put all my faith in God and Jed showed up. I do not live in Texas. So Jed was hired via phone. Never met him a day in my life. Jed was hired to represent my military son. Yes he is active military. Who was assign to Texas. My son had a lot of charges bought against him by his estranged wife. I can't begin to say how Jed put my family at ease. Yes he is a very busy guy. He may not return your calls when you want him to but he's always right on time. THANKS JED!!! Jed worked on my sons case as if he owed me millions. I say that because he worked really hard. When my kids appointe military attorney had almost given in Jed fought hard. And might I mention Jed had to fly to Florida to represent him in court. So it was very hard on my son not having an attorney right there with him at all times. WE WON the BATTLE!!! He is still serving in the military and record is clean. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO HEAR MY WHOLE TESTIMONY. .....YES JED SILVERMAN is the GREATEST.

    - Sandra

    Cordova, TN
  • With Jed, a dark and desperate situation can be turned into a glowing victory.
    Hire this Guy! No words can express my gratitude for Jed Silverman’s service. He truly saved my life and my entire future is full of opportunity once again because of his perseverance and assiduous efforts which ensured that the only acceptable outcome regarding my case was fulfilled when I walked away a free man. Due to a mountain of legal issues, this was considered an all-or-nothing case which Jed was able to turn into a resounding victory. Jed is the guy you want. Jed is the guy that tries and WINS the very hard or seemingly impossible-to-win cases. With Jed, a dark and desperate situation can be turned into a glowing victory. I can sincerely say that Jed is the only lawyer I would ever consider referring to my friends, family, and loved ones to ever again. Jed is one of the most highly reputable attorneys in the state of Texas and this comes as no surprise when one considers his courtroom demeanor, professional temperament, respect for his clients, and most importantly his well-documented winning streak. Jed is a legal champion. It is no wonder that the magazines refer to him as a "Texas Superlawyer." When Jed walks in the courtroom, the prosecutors shake in their boots. I admired being able to have direct transparency and clear communication with my attorney without the worry that I may be judged, shamed, or embarrassed. He really made me feel comfortable at all times and I never doubted him. Jed did not just know the implications of my case; he also understood the consequences for my future as well. I was charged with a very high degree felony and faced decades in prison, but thanks to Jed, I am free. He was able to prove my case before the court and in the end, justice prevailed.
  • I could not have asked for a better attorney. Jed Silverman fought harder for my freedom than I thought possible.
    When I was arrested for a DWI in November, I felt extremely helpless. They got a warrant for my blood and the result was extremely high and I felt as if I was going to be convicted of a crime that would tarnish my record and completely change my future. I have high ambitions and have worked very hard to be at the place that I am right now in my career and I only want to continue and go further in the future. Having this on my record might have meant that I would be unable to pursue certain career and personal goals that I have worked so hard to achieve. When I was referred to Jed Silverman, I was at the point that I felt so lost and confused about the legal system and my case that I was contemplating just pleading out. Even though I knew that I was being wrongfully accused, I did not see any other way since the State had claimed my blood was at a BAC of .172. This would have meant that I would have been at a BAC of .20 through .24 at the point of arrest! This was absolutely untrue but I felt cornered and out of options-who would believe me over the prosecutor and the blood test. Jed assured me that I did have options and he told me that I should fight for my freedom rather than giving in. Giving in would only mean that I definitely would have this on my record and my future would have to change. Throughout the process, Jed and his partner were there for me. His entire staff worked around the clock preparing and researching for my case to help give me a fighting chance. When I felt confused, scared or alone they helped explain the process and made me feel more in control than I could have hoped for in such a situation. After 8 months of preparation, we went to trial. I could not have asked for a better attorney. Jed Silverman fought harder for my freedom than I thought possible. He not only is a firm believer in the legal process but he is also a man who fights for people to see the truth. He made the jury see the disconnect between my video and the BAC level that he State claimed they got from my blood. For three days he vigorously represented me and went beyond my expectations. I have always been passionate about the law but there have been times that I have felt the system was corrupt. He made me realize that there are still attorneys out there that represent their clients and the law in such a truthful and passionate way. He gave me hope that even with all the politics and corruption you see in the system, there is still a fighting chance for people like me. He used his legal knowledge and his genuine passion for his clients and after three days of trial, I got a "Not Guilty" verdict from the Jury. I want to be clear that even if I had been convicted, I would recommend Jed Silverman to any person in my situation. He gave me hope in a hopeless situation and I can single-handedly thank him and his partner for giving me the chance to continue and work my way up to where I want to be in my future. He forever changed my life and I WOULD WITHOUT A DOUBT RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE.
  • Thank you so very much for saving my career.
    Super attorney is an understatement to describe Jed Silverman and his team of attorneys. I was looking at losing my job and never being able to work in my industry again if convicted of DWI. After the BAC came back almost double the legal limit I thought all was lost. Nope, not with Jed on your side. He was able to get my charges dismissed!! Jed gave 110% of his effort to my case and he knew the impact a conviction would have on me and my family. Jed was referred to me by a very close friend and I would refer him to anyone I come across that needs legal representation. I was blown away with what he was able to do for me. Thank you so very much for saving my career.
  • I would highly recommend him for any legal matter he might be able to help with.
    Jed has delivered the assistance I needed in a difficult moment. He and his team worked with me from day one to resolve my legal situation effectively and fairly quickly. Not only that, but I have found him to be an attorney that won't hesitate to come down to your level in detail and empathy. This is something that I've found some attorney's typically struggle with. I would highly recommend him for any legal matter he might be able to help with. I feel strongly that he is a powerful ally for me or anyone dealing with the legal system. Thank you Jed.
  • I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney.
    Mr. Silverman helped me keep a DWI off my record, and keep my drivers license (and my professional license). I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney.
  • I would recommend Jed Silverman to ANYONE, without hesitation.
    I would recommend Jed Silverman to ANYONE, without hesitation. I found Jed online, had never needed a lawyer before, I felt in over my head. I felt positive that I made right choice after our first meeting. After hearing my story, he checked the dossier of the other party, reassured me and gave me an outline of what to expect. I listened, went to every court date, He or one of his colleagues met me there, it felt good to have such respected people in my corner. My case turned out exactly as he said, which speaks to his solid experience, knowledge of legal process and understanding of human nature. Inadvertently, several times I was asked who my lawyer was, by various people from court personnel to other lawyers to bonds people, each time I was pleased to get a gesture or exclamation of surprise of approval that," one of the Siverman brothers," was an excellent choice in representation. My case was, categorized,"assault with a deadly weapon." A felony, I believe. In my opinion defending my family, however, Jed Silverman got it reduced to a misdemeanor. Several hours of community service, one year probation which was only six months, due to my excellent behavior. He may not be the most inexpensive, but I learned a long time ago, you get what you pay for.
  • Trust the process; Jed and his staff are one of the best in the business.
    This was my first time dealing with an attorney so I should say that my standards were skewed. I was expecting a lot more communication in general but I've talked to several people who have dealt with lawyers including my sister-in-law who is a lawyer and all said lack of communication is more common than not. Jed overall was very knowledgable and my biggest piece of advice if you become his client is to trust him. He knows what he is doing. He was able to get my case dismissed which was a huge deal. Trust the process; Jed and his staff are one of the best in the business.