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Common Crimes During Spring Break in Texas

College students celebrating spring break

Spring break is supposed to be a time of relaxation, spending time with friends, and overall happiness. However, this fun experience can quickly become disastrous if you are caught committing a crime. In particular, law enforcement notices five types of crimes that tend to surge during spring break.


DWI is a common crime during spring break because of the influx of more people on the road who aren’t taking note of their alcohol consumption before getting behind the wheel. Additionally, if a driver is in an unfamiliar area, they can easily make a mistake compared to if they were on a more familiar road.

Underage Drinking

Along the same lines, underage drinking is a prevalent crime during spring break. Like the rest of the U.S., Texas has a legal drinking age of 21. That means underage people who choose to celebrate their vacation with alcohol could face criminal charges ranging from fines to jail time.

Public Intoxication

No matter someone’s age, public intoxication is also a common crime that occurs during spring break. Individuals think they are out having fun, but their celebration can turn criminal if someone’s conduct becomes disruptive.

Disorderly Conduct

Similarly, disorderly conduct is a common offense for which people get in trouble during spring break. Texas law prohibits people from engaging in behavior that disrupts the peace, such as fighting in public, making loud noises, or behaving in a way that causes alarm to other people. With large gatherings of young people gathered for spring break festivities, it’s easy for things to quickly escalate and lead to criminal charges.

Drug Possession

What happens during spring break may not stay at spring break if someone is caught for drug possession. The free-for-all attitude some may have during spring break may entice them to explore illegal drugs. Texas has stringent laws against the possession of controlled substances, and penalties can include significant fines, jail time, community service, and more.

Don’t Let a Spring Break Crime Accusation Ruin Your Future

If you were on spring break and accused of a crime, you need an experienced Texas defense attorney working on your case. Contact us today for the legal representation you need and assistance navigating Texas’s complex criminal justice system. We’ll work hard to ensure the best outcome for your situation. Contact us online or by phone today. (713) 597-2221

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