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Attorney Jed Silverman, Special Prosecutor, Helps Bring a Close to Decade-Long Legal Battle


In the high-profile case of Texas vs. Paxton, Jed Silverman emerged as a key figure, serving on the team of special prosecutors appointed to navigate a decade-long case against Attorney General Ken Paxton. Silverman's involvement brought a wealth of experience in criminal law to the forefront of this case.

Stepping into the special prosecutor role following Kent Schaffer’s departure, Silverman highlighted the significant impact that Hochberg's testimony could have had on the case against Paxton. Hochberg, a video game executive based in Miami, passed away in April 2023. He was poised to testify about an incident where Paxton reportedly encouraged him to invest over $100,000 in the tech firm Servergy without revealing his financial interests through commission.

The prosecution team strategically focused on the least severe charge against Paxton, a third-degree felony for not registering as an investment adviser in the state. With his extensive experience as a defense lawyer in Houston, Silverman was confident that the registration responsibility rested solely on Paxton. However, he believed that convicting Paxton would require a jury that could meticulously dissect the charge, and there was a risk the jury might deem Paxton’s oversight insufficient grounds for a felony charge.

Ken Paxton's Settlement

The case against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been a focal point of legal and political discussions for nearly a decade. With the announcement of a settlement, Ken Paxton, serving as the Texas Attorney General, has agreed to a settlement allowing him to avoid trial.

The agreement outlines several conditions:

  • Restitution: Paxton is mandated to pay $271,000 in restitution.
  • Community service: He must complete 100 hours of community service in Collin County.
  • Legal ethics training: Paxton must also undergo 15 hours of legal ethics training within the next 18 months.

The charges, which arose from actions in 2011, included misleading investors — a serious offense threatening his career and reputation. Specifically, Paxton faced accusations of failing to disclose his financial interests while encouraging investments in a company. Additionally, he was scrutinized for not registering as an investment adviser, further complicating the allegations against him.

Reactions to the Settlement

Last year, Paxon reached a preliminary settlement in the whistleblower lawsuit. It was alleged that Paxton and his top executives wrongfully terminated several employees who accused them of criminal activities. Under the terms of that agreement, the former employees would collectively receive $3.3 million as compensation. In this agreement, Paxton is on the hook for over a quarter of a million in restitution and other penalties. Dan Cogdell, Paxton's lead defense attorney, expressed relief at reaching the agreement, while the prosecution team says they’re satisfied with the settlement and believe it to be fair and just. The resolution of Paxton's case raised important questions across Texas about the mechanisms for holding public officials accountable.

Defend Your Rights with Sound Legal Representation

Facing criminal charges can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, but you don't have to navigate this challenging time alone. It's crucial to remember that every individual has rights under the law, and understanding those rights is the first step toward building a robust defense strategy.

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