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Defense for Marijuana Possession and Cultivation

Were you caught in the wrong place and with the wrong people? Under Texas law, possessing any amount of marijuana/pot/weed is a criminal offense, but the penalties don't necessarily fit the crime. These penalties can be extremely serious if you are suspected of growing marijuana, even leading to federal drug trafficking charges in some situations. In cases involving marijuana possession or cultivation, it is crucial to work with a lawyer who is experienced in these specific matters.

At The Law Offices of Jed Silverman, our Houston drug crime attorneys work aggressively to do everything possible to help you keep a conviction off of your record. That means taking the extra measures to build the strongest case possible for your defense, including:

  • Investigation: What were the facts beneath the surface of the case? Was the police report accurate? Was the marijuana yours, or did it belong to someone else in your group? We'll talk to the witnesses and make sure your side of the story is heard.
  • Protection of your civil rights: What probable cause did the police have for arresting you? Did they have a warrant to search your person or your belongings? Did they execute the warrant legally?
  • Negotiated agreement: Did the amount of marijuana in your possession really make a severe penalty necessary? We'll work with the prosecutor to seek a resolution that will not result in the stiffest penalties that judges have available to them. We fight hard to have charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Diversion programs to keep you out of jail: If there is a way to get you into a drug education or awareness program that will divert your drug charges, we'll find it. Attorney Jed Silverman has many years of experience helping clients stay out of jail and keep their criminal records clean. Our firm is respected for our integrity and hard work on behalf of every client.

Cultivation of Marijuana in Texas

The cultivation of marijuana for personal consumption, for medicinal uses or for distribution to other people is illegal under state and federal law. Whether a person grows marijuana on a farm, in a public forest or in a home basement using hydroponics, an arrest for cultivation of marijuana can pose serious penalties.

Cultivation of marijuana is a serious charge with hefty penalties. You can be charged with a separate count for each plant found on the property. People can also be charged with possessing the elements of growing, such as seeds, fertilizer and grow lamps.

If you are convicted of a first-time cultivation offense, you may face the following federal penalties:

  • A five-year minimum mandatory prison term for 100 or more marijuana plants, regardless of their weight.
  • A 10-year minimum mandatory prison term for 1,000 or more marijuana plants, regardless of their weight.
  • Fines and probation may accompany the prison sentence. In addition, you may face state charges and penalties.

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