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Defending against federal and state drug charges in Houston

drug crimes: Federal v. State drug charges

Any Texas resident facing drug charges needs an aggressive defense. Even simple possession of marijuana can result in a jail sentence and a hefty fine. A conviction can also result in a criminal record, which can lead to difficulty obtaining employment.

The penalties for drug manufacturing and trafficking are more severe than those for simple possession. State and federal prosecutors take these cases very seriously and judges are often not inclined to show leniency. A conviction can mean a lengthy prison sentence.

Our law firm believes in aggressively defending against state and federal drug charges. In many cases, it is possible to get the case dismissed by challenging the allegations of probable cause used to justify a search warrant. If the search was conducted without a warrant, we will carefully examine the conduct of the arresting officers to determine whether the search fell within one of the limited exceptions to the warrant requirement. If the search is found unconstitutional, the drugs and other evidence seized in the search can be ruled inadmissible at trial. Without this evidence, the government's case often falls apart.

How a Houston Drug Crime Attorney Can Help

Many drug arrests in Texas are made on the basis of information obtained by police from confidential informants. These informants are often facing charges themselves and have agreed to testify against someone else as part of a plea deal to reduce their own sentences. By attacking the credibility of these informants, we can cast serious doubt on the prosecution's case.

At The Law Offices of Jed Silverman, we have successfully defended many clients in Houston and throughout the State of Texas on drug possession and trafficking charges. For more information about our drug crimes defense practice, please visit our State and Federal Drug Charges web page.

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