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Attorney Silverman Interviewed as a Legal Analyst Regarding Watson Case


Recently, Attorney Jed R. Silverman was interviewed as a legal analyst concerning the Deshaun Watson case in Houston. The Texans quarterback is facing lawsuits asserting alleged sexual misconduct during private massage sessions.

Last week, 22 women showed up in court to tell their sides of the story. Attorney Silverman told KHOU 11 that the number of alleged victims coming forward stating nearly the same thing could affect the jurors' decision-making, where they'll lower the burden of proof.

While Attorney Silverman is not representing Watson or any of the plaintiffs, he stated that a defense could be raised that the accusations are financially motivated. Additionally, the plaintiffs should be cautious about what they say in court, as they are testifying under oath, and any false testimony could have substantial legal ramifications.

Attorney Silverman also noted that the case could go on for some time, and "the tables can be turned instantly."

Click here to watch the full report and interview on KHOU 11's site.

About Attorney Silverman

Attorney Jed R. Silverman has been practicing criminal defense for over 20 years. He is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist who understands the legal system and what it takes to protect the rights and freedom of those facing serious charges.

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