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Title IX Requirements By Universities

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Institutions that receive federal funding are required by law to comply with Title IX. Title IX was created to prevent sexual-based discrimination at institutions. To enforce Title IX standards, universities are required to have a Title IX Coordinator.

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Who is a Title IX Coordinator?

The Title IX Coordinator needs to have extensive knowledge of Title IX legislation. Many only think of Title IX violations when it comes to sports, but that’s not the case. Title IX cases can also involve situations of sexual assault or sexual discrimination outside of sports. Any suspected violation should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator so they can begin an investigation and alert appropriate parties about the complaint.

Sexual Discrimination Complaints

Each university has its own set of policies and procedures when it comes to reporting sexual discrimination or sexual assault cases. That’s why it’s critical for the Title IX Coordinator to be an expert on the school’s reporting policies. They must also know what resources they can provide the complainant including mental and physical support.

Many universities ask the Title IX Coordinator to help create the procedures and policies for their institution. This is a great concept as then the Title IX Coordinator will be the most knowledgeable of the university’s policies and ensure that they match requirements laid out in the Title IX legislation.

Sexual Discrimination Prevention

Another key responsibility for the Title IX Coordinator is to promote the prevention of sexual discrimination across campus. This can be done in many ways including training or other meetings to inform students what could qualify as a Title IX complaint. The Coordinator could also conduct surveys with students to see if they feel sexual discrimination is a problem on campus and if they know the proper procedures of filing a Title IX complaint.

Houston’s Title IX Defense Attorneys

If a Title IX Coordinator has reached out to you because of a complaint, you need proper representation right away. That’s where the Title IX defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Jed Silverman can help. Our lawyers specialize in these cases and will walk you through the process.

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