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Types of Sexual Assault

Hispanic man being handcuffed by a female police officer

Being suspected of sexual assault is a serious accusation and should not be taken lightly. But you may be wondering how you are accused of this crime if you feel you didn’t commit an action that would be considered “sexual assault.”

Sexual assault is a general term for certain crimes of a sexual nature. Below are three of the most common types of sexual assault.

Unwanted Sexual Touching

Someone could be charged with sexual assault if they touched another individual without their explicit consent. If you *think* you have permission to touch someone else but aren’t entirely sure, make sure you get resounding reassurance before going forward with any action.

Unwanted sexual touching can include but is not limited to kissing, groping, and other actions of a sexual manner.

Coerced Sexual Contact

Law enforcement may charge someone with sexual assault if they are accused of pressuring, threatening, tricking, or guilting someone into a sexual act. Prosecutors will say someone was “coerced” by not being given a choice to participate in the sexual act and did not give consent.


Rape is the most serious sexual assault offense. The Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) found that every 68 seconds, a rape occurs in the U.S.

Rape, by definition, is when forced sexual intercourse occurs. With this crime, the force could be considered either physically or psychologically. Additionally, for a crime to be considered rape, there has to be penetration by a body part or object unwillingly into another person’s body.

Were You Accused of Sexual Assault?

Law enforcement will not hesitate to make an arrest in a sexual assault case. There are specific police units dedicated to investigating these types of crimes. Because officers know there is a statute of limitations to prosecute these crimes, they will do anything to make an arrest.

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