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Will Bentley’s Law Be Adopted in Texas?

Exterior view of the Texas state capitol

Drunk driving accidents occur on Texas roadways every day. Anyone can become a drunk driving accident victim — drivers are typically not singled out in these incidents. That means parents, teachers, doctors, and more can become victims of a drunk driving accident.

Focusing on parents, in particular, a new law proposed to Texas legislators could provide financial damages to those impacted by their parent being killed by a drunk driver.

Bentley’s Law

Bentley’s Law was initiated by Cecilia Williams from Missouri. Williams is the grandmother of a boy named Bentley. Bentley’s parents, Lacey Newton and Cordell Shawn Michael Williams, and their four-month-old son, Cordell Junior, were killed by an alleged drunk driver in April of 2021.

Bentley’s Law is designed for drunk drivers to pay child support to children whose parents were killed in a drunk driving accident. While the legislation was introduced in Missouri, state lawmakers failed to pass it, citing that drunk drivers would not financially be able to provide a court-ordered payment. These lawmakers also noted that if passed, and the drunk driver could not make those payments, taxpayers or other funds would need to be allocated.

Even though the legislation did not pass in Missouri, Williams has the lofty goal of initiating this law in other states — all 50.

Texas Legislation

Earlier in 2022, a group of Texas residents requested that state lawmakers consider proposing Bentley’s Law for the Lone Star State. If convicted of a fatal drunk driving offense in Texas, the driver faces imprisonment for several years, fines, and their license suspended. As Missouri legislators noted, those punishments would make it nearly impossible for a driver to provide financial child support to the victim’s family.

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