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Aggressive defense for Texas intoxication manslaughter charges

An individual charged with intoxication manslaughter in connection with an alleged drunk driving accident in Texas can expect no mercy from prosecutors. The news media often follows these cases, and prosecutors will press these cases aggressively in order to send a warning to others. Judges often impose stiff sentences for the same reason.

These cases must be defended as aggressively as they are prosecuted. It is critical to investigate the facts thoroughly, pore over the state's evidence in search of any weaknesses and otherwise fight every aspect of the state's case as if the defendant's entire future is at stake - because it is.

There are a number of ways to fight an intoxication manslaughter charge. Field sobriety tests are generally unreliable indicators of intoxication and can often be successfully discredited at trial. The accuracy of breath or blood test evidence can also be challenged by pointing out the numerous variables that can affect test results.

It is important to remember that in an intoxication manslaughter case the prosecution must not only prove the defendant was intoxicated, but that the intoxication caused the accident. If the accident was caused by the other driver, the intoxication manslaughter charge must be dismissed.

At the Law Offices of Jed Silverman we are committed to aggressively defending those accused of intoxication manslaughter. In addition to being an experienced DWI defense attorney, Jed Silverman is a certified field sobriety test conductor and breath test machine operator. This background can be very useful in challenging these tests in court. Our firm also works with forensic toxicologists and accident reconstruction experts to present a compelling case for acquittal. There is more information about how we defend intoxication manslaughter cases on our web page.