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Is an Expunction Right for Me?


If your criminal record has become a hindrance to your ability to find employment, obtain a loan, or apply for school, it may be time to consider speaking with an attorney about the possibility of clearing your name through an expunction. Also known as expungement, an expunction is a common term for a civil lawsuit seeking to clear a person’s record of all state criminal charges.

The Word Erase = Exupunction

A person can seek expunction under the following circumstances:

  • Their case was dismissed by a judge before going to trial
  • The prosecution drops charges before going to trial
  • A jury returned a verdict of “not guilty” at the trial
  • An individual is able to overturn their conviction through a successful appeal

If an expunction is granted, a judge will order all records of your crime to be destroyed. While not all criminal charges are eligible for expunction, it is an option suitable for many first-time offenses. Those who are not eligible for expunction should speak with an attorney about other options, including pretrial diversion programs and non-disclosure orders. These options can result in a sealing of your record from public view. Speak with a Houston expunction lawyer at the Law Offices of Jed Silverman to discuss your specific case and learn which option may be right for you.

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