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What Happens if I’m Arrested on Campus?

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Students on college campuses have so much to look forward to when they return to school each fall — reuniting with friends, enhancing their knowledge of a career path they have chosen, and taking in the college experience that many describe as the best time of their lives. However, trouble can arise and students could find themselves in serious situations, including being arrested.

There are various reasons why a student could be arrested on campus. This could include illegal possession of drugs or alcohol, theft, or more. While many incidents are usually handled on campus with reference to the school’s code of conduct, some cases rise to the level where local authorities need to be involved.

What Happens After a College Student is Arrested?

Similar to if a college student was in trouble off-campus, an arrest on campus is taken seriously. While many college campuses have their own police department, smaller colleges may have campus safety officers who rely on the town’s actual police department for serious crimes.

Some of the most common charges college students can be arrested for include:

  • Underage drinking;
  • Disorderly conduct;
  • Sexual assault; and,
  • Drug charges.

All these charges can result in not only fines but potential jail time. That also doesn’t include what consequences a student will face from school officials.

If a student is taken into police custody, they will be given the same rights as if they were not arrested on campus. If a student is not released immediately they could spend a day or two in jail before an arraignment (first hearing of the charges). If the arrest happens on a weekend or a holiday, the time the student is in custody could be even longer.

Get an Attorney Early On

The key for any college student arrested is to have a defense team fighting for them as soon as possible. This way, the student has not only someone representing them during arraignment but any potential future court hearings.

At The Law Offices of Jed Silverman we’ve helped countless college students during trouble times. We know the local courts and are ready to help you when you need it. Don’t risk having charges on your permanent record over an incident that happened in college — contact our Houston criminal defense team for a free consultation.