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The Pros and Cons of Greek Life

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It’s a staple in any college movie you watch — fraternities and sororities. It’s hard to imagine college depicted without these groups. Classmates bond and many build life-long friendships with their “brothers” and “sisters.” Unfortunately, groups like these have also highlighted tragedies that can occur on a college campus.

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Pros of Greek Life

There are many benefits to joining a fraternity or sorority. Some of those benefits include:

  • Making connections: these just aren’t connections within your college family. Many fraternities and sororities are connected to national organizations. Between potential conferences and other networking opportunities, you could be connecting with another individual that could help advance your career or spark an interest in a topic you were not familiar with before.
  • Enhance your resume: many college students won’t have a lot of work experience prior to graduation unless they had a job while being at school or internships. That’s why it’s critical for college students to round out their resumes with extracurricular activities. Greek life in particular is a great extracurricular as along with building a personal community, most organizations find ways to give back in the cities and towns where they are located.
  • Leadership opportunities: within fraternities and sororities are built-in structures that require individuals to step up and be a part of (the president, vice president, and various chairs of certain areas, for example). Showing that you are willing to step up for one of these leadership positions is attractive to prospective employers in the future.

Cons of Greek Life

While there are many pros to Greek life, there are also some cons individuals should consider.

  • Hazing: this is arguably the most negative aspect of Greek life. There are laws in place that designate hazing as a crime but that still doesn’t deter some members of fraternities and sororities from committing these acts.
  • Time commitment: as outlined above, it is impressive to potential employers if a college student can manage to be involved in an extracurricular activity like a fraternity or sorority, but the time commitment can be too much for some individuals. Greek life members are required by their fraternities and sororities to attend weekly meetings or participate in certain activities, so it’s important for someone considering joining a fraternity or sorority to keep the time commitment they will be making in mind.

Whether you are involved with Greek life or not, allegations linking you to a crime on a college campus are no joking matter. Usually, college students are over the age of 18 and individuals who find themselves in legal trouble connected to a crime on campus will be tried as adults. If you need assistance from a criminal defense attorney contact The Law Offices of Jed Silverman. Our team is here for you and will work hard to provide due justice. Reach out to us today for a free consultation — (713) 597-2221.